Ty też mozesz zostać mistrzem Polski !


Polish Sensible Open 2007

Welcome on First Silesia Tounament !!!

Hello SWOS Maniacs !

Remeber these hours ... ? Days and nights spent with Amiga joystick playing this AMAZING GAME ? How many times have you lead your own team from "Ayelsbury"? How many times have you brought it to the triumph in the Champions League? However, soon enough the computer was not satisactory enough for you to become excited again. You didn't fight with the real opponents made of blood and bones ..?
Autor: Artur Lion

Polish Sensible Open 2008 is tournament on TWO platform. Traditional Amiga & PC. Oraganised by people Polish SWOS Center www.swos.pl

Already 10 may 2008 yr. in Gliwice, Old Factory!

Register on tournament is in: Participants List (pol).
and in sensiblesoccer.de: PC && Amiga